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Any Amount, Anywhere.

This is our Demo Store for DonateMate. Try out the experience of donating - any amount, from anywhere.

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Donations Processed In Shopify

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Accept Donations Anywhere

DonateMate allows your front-line advocates to take donations on the go, through your Shopify Store. Increase conversion rates by processing transactions instantly.

Secure Checkout, Because Shopify

Keep your donors details safe and secure, no credit card details are sent to third-parties. It all stays in your Shopify Store.

Less Managing, More Achieving

DonateMate saves you time, as reconciliation of donations happens in your own shop. No third-party payment platforms to keep accountable.




Easy Donation Widgets

You can also add DonateMate to any website or page where you can add HTML. This form allows your supporters to set their donation amount and be taken directly to the Shopify Checkout in a single click.